About Us

To become a leader in the insurance sector in Europe, placing customers at the center of our business with simple, smarter solutions.the insurance company with the most satisfied customers in the market. With a commitment to providing its customers with simple and intelligent solutions, capable of quickly solving their problems and meeting their needs,bing cros by advocates is also committed to Social Responsibility – a commitment rooted in its activity as an insurance company, but which also goes beyond own vocation for the business.

Protection for all business sectors , from mass risks to personal accidents, life insurance and highly complex industrial risks. From a simple family protection policy to comprehensive contracts that meet the complex needs of multinational companies. our strong international vocation has given us greater prominence and is one of our greatest strengths

.Our geographical diversification is balanced between mature countries , such as Italy, Germany and France, markets .we have conducted a major strategic reorganization that has allowed us to bring greater focus to our core business, greater discipline in the management of our assets, and simpler and more transparent governance.